Thursday, December 14, 2006

Body for Life and The Biggest Loser

I'm back on it! Body for Life was my savior a few years ago, before I got married or pregnant and it truly was a life change. My dad gave my brother and I the book for Christmas. Is that a hint or what? and at first it looks like a joke. The before and after pictures of people that is. but it's not. Anyway, it was my way of life for about 4 years probably until my 7th month of pregnancy and then all hell broke loose. I ate whatever I wanted and enjoyed it thoroughly, carrott cake every night, Mexican food, cheese! I gained weight but not a disgusting amount and looked pretty good after I had W-or atleast I thought so-until I stopped breast feeding. Old habits die hard. I could not shake the "eating what I wanted" habit and still haven't up until 3 days ago when I decided that I had to do something. I can't wait until the New Year because at the rate I was going by Christmas I would have put on another 5-10 pounds and would be miserable. So my strategy is Body For Life until the 23rd and then pick it up again on the 27th of December. Can I tell you? I forgot how good BFL makes me feel. Even after only 3 days, my clothes are feeling not quite as snug. I've stopped eating 5 goldfish for every 1 that W eats and don't sneak a bit of his PB&J when he's not looking. All that crap really added up.

On the weight note, did anyone see the Biggest Loser last night? Oh my gosh!! Eric was a different person. Unbelievably crazy. I didn't even recognize him and Kai! Although I think she is so rough and "yeah u rite!" I have to admit she looks great. It really is unbelievable. I don't know why I have such a huge fascination with that show but it mesmerizes me.

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