Friday, December 22, 2006

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

I can't believe it's almost Christmas. and I still have so much to do. We are anxiously awaiting the Tickle Me Elmo that hasn't yet arrived. Walmart is blaming it on UPS and UPS is blaming it on Walmart. After having been in retail I definitely believe UPS. I will be sad if we don't get it although W won't know the difference. I just know he would love him so much. BUT Papa will pull through for us. He went shopping today at The Magic Box and got him a last minute present. I think he got it for himself as much for W. The way he was talking he couldn't wait to open it and get it going. It was cute listening to him describe it.

I'll be back after Christmas. So much to write. Here's a teaser...

1. A dear friend who I talk to everyday but haven't seen in ages came in town last night and we had a fabulous girls night!
2. I've discovered that I've become very indecisive in my old age-more later.
3. I've been coughing so long and hard that my ribs hurt (almost as much as they did when W was sitting up under them for 9 months)-tell you how I'm feeling. I'm sure you're on pins and needles.
4. I'm having Christmas Eve dinner here. Much planning. Things I will do different next year for holiday entertaining.
5. Went to Commander's tonight for dinner with the fam. Will give you my opinion on the new Commander's.
6. Warning on the Stomach flu going around-well it will be too late to write about it but beware.
7. W's new trick.

And Much Much More!!!

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