Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's Nola Baby W again

Hi. I haven't blogged since North Carolina. I've been busy. I have this new trick. Mom and Dad think that it's really cute. They think that I'm learning how to share. I always knew how to share just never felt like frickin' sharing. I feed them food now. Really it's just the things that I don't want to eat. And suckers! they eat it. They don't want to hurt my feelings so they will eat every bite until I'm done feeding them whatever was on my plate.

The other night Uncle RaRa made this big pot of delicious smelling Creole Cassoulet. Didn't give me any of it. Nope, not even a small bite. They just try shoving in butter beans, green beans and dried out chicken nuggets. And they wonder why I won't eat? They are certainly not sharing a moist chicken thigh or andouille sausage piece that's been cooking all day. Typical. Anyway, they don't have a chair for me at Mimo and Papa's. So I have to stand while they are all licking there fingers after the delicious Cassoulet. I showed them. I stood there and made them play peekaboo with me. Dumb idiots. They looked so stupid sticking there heads under the table every 30 seconds. I laughed just enough to egg them on. Had to of hurt their backs.-they're not getting any younger. If you haven't seen 6 grown adults duck under the table and scream "Boo!" you're missing out. You gotta try it-and try to get it on video. The list of stupid things I can get them to do is growing by the day. For awhile they were dancing like fools. So I'd bend my knees a couple of times and they would HOWL! I mean really Howl. That was probably my best trick but I'll tell you one thing. I don't know where I came from because none of them have ANY rhythm.

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