Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Busy Baby

W was a very busy baby today. He took 2 walks. One in his stroller another in his new favorite wagon the anonymous neighbors gave us. He walked up and down the block and picked berries off the bush. He practiced getting in and out of his wagon and practiced feeding himself. He even finished off a whole bowl of guacamole with secret cheese and tomatoes in it! It was a good eating day. He ate some Nilla wafers and then we took off for the park where he mastered the high step on the jungle gym. Met some new friends. Swung in the big boy swing. Waved bye to his friends. Walked the block at Mimo and Papas and plucked the flowers off the bush. Climbed up and down the stairs outside. Finger painted with flour and water (supposed to have food coloring but didn't have any) Played ball with everybody and punched on a little neighbor girl's cell phone and stomped over the finger puppets she gave him for Christmas. Talked our ears off and threw some dirt all over the driveway. Refused some goldfish but stuffed down a pb&j in 5 minutes flat. Took a bath and is now playing with dad. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it.

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