Friday, December 29, 2006

What my baby did today

Today was a great day!!! The Little Buddy had a busy day and I'll tell you what he did.
1. Played with a Mr. Potato Head and loved it
2. Grabbed Lauren and Peyton's Barbie's by the hair and chunked them to the ground.
3. Gave Lauren a big hug, unexpectedly.
3. Asked for a bite of my turkey sandwich-yaaaay protein!!! This was huge.
3. Swung at the Park and actually enjoyed it!!! This was even "huger". He usually hates the swings but for some reason today he swung and swung and swung with a big smile on his face.
4. Sat in a booster seat at Superior Grill. THEY WERE OUT OF HIGHCHAIRS. After all the pumping up of Superior Grill that I do and all the talk about being baby friendly, they are out of highchairs???!!!! He loved the booster seat. Lucky for them.
5. Ate basically a whole tomato. It's the weirdest phenomenon. A split second after I put the tomato down in front of him, he stuffs it in his mouth. I can put a tomato in front of him at home, at Mimo and Papas, at any other restaurant and he shoves it away, but at Superior he stuffs it in faster than I can say "Abracadabra!". I think it's the cilantro.
6. And then ate at least 50 2 minutes.

It was a good day.

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