Friday, December 01, 2006

The Little Buddy and the spoon

The Little Buddy fed himself today!!! a spoon full of guacamole. I do realize that this may be late in the game but it was totally unexpected. He likes to play with the spoon between bites so I just left him for a second to make my own sandwhich and when I looked back he had it in his mouth. It was upside down and he wasn't sure how to pull it out but he fed himself nonetheless with a spoon! Big day over here.

Too cold to play outside. It's 45 degrees. Really cold for NOLA. We went out for a bit but it was wiiiindy. So we're back in now, feeding ourselves and hanging out. Playing tag and scary peekaboo and laughing our butts off. It's been a good day. Oh! and we have got water again too.

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