Tuesday, December 12, 2006

All I want for Christmas

I wish I had a picture of W on Santa's lap but the some old lady was in my ear telling me what to do and by the time the real photographer had finished and I was allowed to take a picture, John had already taken him off of his lap. He screeeeeaaaaaamed! He wasn't happy to begin with. The magic show was going on when we got there and it was way too loud for everyone. W was a bit overwhelmed by it all.

He's seemed to have gotten over the trauma now. He's been crawling up the stairs like a madman which saves me a little load. We didn't get a tree because I was afraid he would pull it down and he wouldn't have much space to play. Mimo and Papa brought a tree home from North Carolina just for him and he doesn't care a hoot about it so we probably could have gotten a tree and all would have been fine. I must admit, I am secretly pleased that I don't have to deal with it this year, especially with the big move we are hoping to make in the New Year.

W doesn't really know that anything is happening-you know, with Christmas. All he wants for Christmas is a tickle me elmo. He didn't tell me but I know it. and he already has his 2 front teeth.

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