Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Year's Eve Menu

Ever since I was pregnant with the Little Buddy my NYE has become one of the most cherished nights on my calendar. I always hated that night until then-I'm sure you understand-the hooplah, the build-up, the let-down, it always sucked until I got pregnant and the pressure was off. Now we stay at home and enjoy the night, the way it is meant to be enjoyed, with good food and good friends and ending early if we feel like it.

sidebar: my parents go to a party that starts at 6 but they set the clocks to 9 and 3 hours later at 9 (clock says 12) they whoop it up big, sing Auld Lang Syne, kiss each other, toast to the New Year and go home. They are 65-70 years old, but it nothing sounds better to me

Last year I made individual Beef Wellingtons complete with mushroom duxelles and Marchand de Vin sauce and I have to say it was exquisite although maybe not quite as rare as I would have liked. This year I had big plans too. Osso Bucco. Never made it, thought it would be fun to try, but after my Christmas Eve Soiree which I thoroughly enjoyed even while having a cracked rib the thought of slaving over the stove does not sound fun (even with my sassy new apron). I told our friends, who started our annual tradition with us, that they had to settle for french roasted chickens. Then J made me feel bad about it because that was too easy. I got to thinking and decided that easy is okay but it must be festive! So I changed my mind once again. That's my perogative. I've settled for Coq au Vin. Unless of course one of you foodies out there can suggest something even more festive and less complicated.

Feel free to flood my comment board. I'm all ears, or eyes, rather. What would you cook? What are you going to cook? Anyone? Anyone?

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