Sunday, December 03, 2006

Toddler Birthday Party, Mimo and Papa's and the Saints

W and I went to our friends birthday party on Saturday morning. She is four years old and had a party at Gym Rompers. We were excited to go since we have never been. I have wanted to sign up for months now but the times are never good for us and the Little Buddy's schedule. It was a blast. For those of you who have never been-it's a big padded room full of toys and play equipment. The four year olds were happily out of control. They had free reign over everything and they never had to hear anyone tell them no. After an hour and half W was done so we took off for Mimo and Papa's house for lunch. By 2 o'clock he was spent and slept one off. Today he didn't leave the house. At first I felt bad but I think he enjoyed the time he and his dad spent together watching the Saint's Game. Who Dat!

I went to see a play that my sister-in-law was in called A Christmas Carol for George Wallace. It was at the Big Top on Clio Street. It was put on by a new production company and was really very good. I laughed out loud a lot and I don't do that much when watching anything. It has to be really funny. I don't really like to go see movies or plays but I think after seeing this one I'll lift my play strike. Aunt Jojo played Lurlene, Wallace's wife and it was quite a brilliant performance. She's not the type to get angry (atleast at me) but she had to get angry at George and it truly was convincing. I remember when my brother used to act more. One time he had to get really mad and I wanted to crawl under my seat because it was exactly how he used to get mad at me when we were kids. It was like we were 14 all over again. Anyway, if you feel like seeing a good play and live in NOLA, I recommend the A Christmas Carol for George Wallace. Check it out.

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