Thursday, December 14, 2006

Who Dat say they goin' to beat them Saints?

I've talked about my Obsessive compulsive disorder before. I know I have. and about how I just learned it runs in the family. All the stupid things I have to do each and every day like touching all the stove burners every night before going upstairs and saying "hot, hot, hot, hot" or checking on the Little Buddy twice before I go to bed. The second time I have to say to someone, "I'm going to check on the Little Buddy". (John told me one night I didn't need to tell him that every night. Oh, but yes I do.) The list goes on and on and on and on and gets wierder and wierder and wierder so I will spare you. But it's the reason why I am very selective about when I put the Little Buddy in his Reggie Bush jersey that Uncle RaRa and Aunt JoJo gave him. When I was in college and the Saints were doing pretty well I had to clap a certain way every time if I wanted them to score or make it down the field. If I put W in the jersey regularly it will become a habit and almost certainly turn into an obsession. Then the poor little tyke will be wearing the Reggie Bush jersey every Sunday when the Saints play until they move away or he can dress himself. Whichever comes first. But this Sunday calls for the Reggie Bush jersey.I'm not all that football savvy but I'm told if they win this Sunday they will go to the playoffs. WHO DAT!!! Here's a preview of what you'll be missing.

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Julie Vaicius said...

I think we all have a bit of OCD, right? Lucy has the same jersey - fortunately she has worn it on winning and losing game days so there is no superstition to it anymore.