Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Year's Resolutions and Baby Clothes

So I've started my New Year's Resolution early. It's to be a better mom in the activity sense. I have pledged not to sit on the phone when W is awake or sit at the computer (this is an exception, he is having a fabulous time playing with diapers right now and as soon as he gets bored I'm done here). So when he woke up from his nap we ate lunch, read some books (which never lasts long) and then got in the stroller and took off for the park. Now, here's where I start to bitch. There was another mom at the park and her kid looked like he was 2. W and I headed for the play area, nowhere near her and her kid. Well her kid comes scrambling over and she said, "What a pretty little girl". Well, that's nice. At this point she was being nice but I get this all of the time and I'm over it. I really get it every time we meet someone new. Okay, he had on a blue coat and a white hat. I do have to say that my child is pretty (I can brag for a second) and I know when babies are bald it's hard to tell if they are boys or girls. I get it. and I also know that I dress him like a baby, not like a toddler, because I feel like he's only a baby once and he looks so cute. But I don't go over board with frilly outfits. It was a coat. Then she asks how old "she" is. I tell her he's 16 months.

"Oh, I can't tell he's a boy. I mean, I know he has on blue but it looks like a dress."

IT'S A FRICKIN' COAT! How blatantly rude do you want to be? I'll stop the story here. I don't want to be rude right now and go on about how her kid was dressed. I just think that who are you to judge someone else's baby? Everyone has the right to dress their child like they want to. and everyone has the right not to be judged by some other crappy mom at the playground. I don't know, it bugged me this time. I usually let it roll of my back pretty well.

So, I'm done. No more complaining for today. We had a great time at the park. He slid down the slide a few times. Crawled up and down the jungle gym steps. Ran around and then we left.

Now I'm going. He's done with the diapers and we are going to do a little dancing. Once we move to our new house we will have plenty dancing time for every one to matter how you're dressed.

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