Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hungover Musings on New Year's Eve

What a way to end the year-hungover. Why? oh Why? did I do this to myself? We went out for a simple meal of sushi last night and ended the night at La Petite Grocerie at the bar with a mojito after a bottle and a half of wine. Before the Little Buddy that would have been a splash in the bucket but today, Blah. I think I might die. Fortunately, John was sweet enough to brave the light of day and wake up with the Little Buddy and bring me some Gatorade in bed. and the Little Buddy was sweet enough to talk to himself in his bed until 7. At 9 John put W in bed so he could come back to bed and I knew it wasn't going to happen for him but I was wrong. W napped until 11. That's my baby.

At 11am, being a holiday and all, I didn't have the heart or ability to fight with W over what to eat and I certainly wouldn't be able to stand the smell of guacamole so we ate Cream Cheese and Chive Captain Wafers for lunch. If you've never had them, go out right now to Sav a Center and get some. You'll think you've died and gone to heaven, in a cheesy truck stop sort of way.

If you're not from or living in New Orleans right now and you want to get a feel for what life has been like here since The Storm, read Chris Rose's article, A New Dawn. He tells it like it is, the good and the bad, and made me feel bad for not doing more to help the city. But if you are living here, don't let it make you feel bad that you haven't done enough. You're here. You're patronizing stores and your going to restaurants and you're paying insanely high water and electric bills and property taxes.

I didn't really plan on having many new year resolutions.
  • I always say I won't drink wine during the week and that never really works so I've learned to not set myself up for failure.
  • I would like to say that I will become more organized but I'm not an organized person nor will I even pretend to be.
  • I resolve to stick to Body for Life for 12 weeks. I will do that.
  • But the most important resolution has to do with the Little Buddy. I resolve to giggle and laugh with W, to splash in mud puddles on rainy days, to go to the park often, to run wild at the zoo and imitate the monkeys, to take too many pictures and to hug him bigger and harder than the day before. That resolution I can keep.
Off to watch the Saint's game. Who Dat!?
Until next year....

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