Saturday, August 05, 2006

Can we talk about "The Hills"? It's on my mind because I had to watch again yesterday on DVR. and then The Sports Guy from the ESPN website wrote about it. I don't remember exactly what he wrote but it was something like that Jordan crying when Heidi dumped him was one of the most pathetic scenes in tv history. I LOVED it! That scene is the whole reason I watched it twice. I like Heidi a lot more than I did at the beginning. I gained respect for her when she dumped Jordan because he wasn't treating her well and especially after she stuck to her guns when he was balling crying. I am still upset about the ending-how stupid can Lauren be? Jason is such a jack--- and she gave it all up to spend the summer with him?

Oh and here's the question. My friend L and I were discussing-is it real? If it isn't-they are really good actors. If it is....It's awesome! J thinks (he's going to kill me for even suggesting that he in any way contemplates this show) that they are real people but it's not real like Real World is. He thinks it's real just pseudo-scripted. Interesting thought.

and for those who don't know-Laguna Beach is coming back with a whole new cast on August 16th-I think that was the date. Do you think it will be the same theme song?


MotherofG said...

I LOVE the Hills! I was also pissed that LC skipped Paris for J. (You heard they broke up in real life, right?)
I think Whitney is the real winner of the whole show.
I agree that Heidi did something grown up--finally.
I don't think the new Laguna looks great though. No one is cute.
And it's got to be semi-scripted.

NolaMom said...

I heard!!! So happy that she ditched Jason. he was a loser. and I'm with ya on Whitney-I would have loved to see more her.