Thursday, August 31, 2006


We went on down to the Audubon Zoo...
and it was a very humid free day, not cool, but nicer than it has been so it felt like fall (it's all relative). So we went to the zoo
and they all ask'd for you
It was fun. We went with our friends and we strolled around. The little Buddy and C didn't really care about the animals but they chatted the whole time. They had a lot to talk about. They hadn't seen each other since coffee.
The monkeys ask'd, the tigers ask'd
The gorillas were hilarious. a bit scary. The biggest one was hangin' out. Didn't have much going on. He had one arm propped up oh-so casually behind him and one leg bent up on the bench. It's scary how much they act like us. I kept trying to get W to look at him because he was staring us down but he was more concerned with catching up with C. And then in the distance there was another one laying on his back with one knee bent and the other leg crossed over with his right arm covering his eyes - must've had a crazy night, that one. C kept saying "ruff, ruff" because he figured since dogs go like that all other four legged creatures probably say it too. Pretty smart deduction, I thought. and W must have agreed but he just responded with another "ruff, ruff" when C prompted him. It went on pretty much throughout the zoo.
And the elephants ask'd me too.
They didn't feel like venturing too far out from the shade so we saw them from afar.

Then we went on the carousel. Throw up-it made us so dizzy. but the boys were okay. You forget how kids can twirl around for hours and still be standing. It was fun though. I felt like a kid again.

So we lolled the day away at the zoo. Then we came home. W has been under the weather. He was sick twice today and has 100 degree fever. But he was in great spirits and the on-call doctor was an idiot (oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't know, ooooohhhhhhh, I guess it could be, oooohhh, I don't know what it is, maybe a cold, oooohhh, maybe a stomach virus, I just don't know) or maybe she just didn't know. So I am praying that we won't have anymore episodes, that his fever will go down and it is a 24 hour thing, and we can have a great Friday!

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