Wednesday, August 16, 2006

To W on your Birthday

You are 1 year old today! and as promised here's a photo of your birthday cake. Made exclusively by NolaMom (and Duncan Hines of course). I must say it is adorable. Uncle RR said it was much better than the first one I tried, which I thought was cute too so who's to say he's not lying about liking this one too.

I cannot believe it-my baby is growing up. Poor thing, you've had a day. We got a flat tire early this morning and had to walk home in the 100 degree heat when all you wanted was your bottle. The rest of the day has been spent, waiting to get it fixed and getting it fixed. We played with friends for an hour this afternoon though. So atleast we had a bit of fun time.

You wouldn't eat your carrots for lunch but since it's your birthday I didn't force the issue and let you have yogurt. We go to the doctor tomorrow. I can't wait. I need to finally get to the bottom of this eating thing. You still love your bottles and really only likes sweet things-fruit, yogurt and such. For lunch I can usually get you to eat vegetables or lasagna or something else but by the time dinner rolls around...well, you won't eat anything except your bottle. I don't know what we'll do once we switch to milk. I hope the doctor has answers but...I doubt it.

You're not walking yet but you're cruising around like nobody's business. You love to stand and will even take a few steps so it shouldn't be much longer. You finally have hair, just a little blond bit, but hair nonetheless. Today you started sharing things and you belly laughed every time you gave me something, so I belly laughed too. Your laugh is much cuter than mine, but I couldn't help myself. Cheers to one year past and another great year on the way.

Happy, Happy Birthday, my little sweet potato pie. I love you. Mom

P.s. I've included Veuve Cliquot on the Wine Down in honor of the big day! Let us all drink champagne! except for Baby W of course.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday W!! Have a great day!

S, D, and E