Tuesday, August 01, 2006

W loves a lot of things these days. The toilet, the computer power button, the holes in the back of the t.v., dead roaches. None of which are too good for him. He's not even walking yet and he can get from one to the other in zero to 3 seconds. I have been dying for him to walk but he's not showing much interest because he can really MOVE on his knees. He will walk if he's holding on to my nightgown or my hand. We've tried pushing the coffee table farther away from the couch but he's no dummy. He just gets down on his kees if his wing span isn't wide enough.

So right now I am sitting here typing away with him on my leg talking up a storm. Whining is more like it so I should go and play. I'll be back later on in the day.

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