Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Email Chief Riley

A friend saw a drug deal go down in front her house today. She lives Uptown in a good neighborhood and saw it happen with her own eyes. She happened to be looking out of her window. I'm not lying-she saw the exchange of money, the guy count the money, hand some pills over to the other guy. She called 911, she called the neighborhood security, she called the district police department, she called the mayor's office. No concern from anyone. It's a sad day in New Orleans. The district police department told her they couldn't do anything about it. That's nice. They're just lazy is what it is. easier for them to stop someone with an expired break tag. This is the city we live in. It's only a matter of time before someone gets shot in Audubon Park.

She is a passionate citizen. She loves New Orleans. She pays her taxes. She supports local merchants but now she is talking about moving. I don't blame her. Is this the kind of city in which we want our babies to grow up? We have to start screaming!!!!!

Gone are the days when you could walk around after dark. But come on, before we know it we won't be able to walk around in broad daylight without fearing for our lives. If you care, please email Chief Riley and let him know we won't stand for it. Tell everyone you know. Create a ruckus, I tell you!


Anonymous said...

Yes it is true about the drug deal. I saw a shady guy hanging out on the corner looking for someone. He kept pacing from the corner into the street.Then a vehicle pulled up and the guy jump into the car. They pulled up in front of my house. I was looking out of my window the entire time. I saw the man on the street hand the guy in the car money and he in return gave him drugs. The shady man got out of the TEXAS license plate car and walked away. I was so scared that I called security and 911. I live in a very nice area where drug dealers do not live nor sell drugs. I then called the sixth district police office. I told the policeman that I wanted to report what happened but didn't want to give my name. I was scared of retaliation. The police officer was rude and made me feel like the bad guy. After several minutes on the phone arguing with him about why I am calling, I hung up. Needless to say he did not take my information about the drug deal. I even had the Texas license plate yet our fine New Orleans police officer did not get the information. I am so over this city.

I can not tell you how many times I have heard from friends saying crime is only in bad areas. Well it is not. I am a living witness. Would I be dead if I happen to walk my kids outside? If you are staying in this city we all must fight. These thugs have no regard for life. It is only a matter of time before someone you know gets murdered being at the wrong place at the wrong time.We can not sit back and let this happen. Warren Riley needs to be accountable for his department. The DA needs to be accountable. The Judical system needs to be accountable. If they are failing us then we need to run or vote them out office.

Anonymous said...

Besides Eddie Jordan, we also need to get rid of criminal court judges who put criminals' rights ahead of victims' rights, who threaten to release all suspects if they do not receive an O.J. Simpson caliber defense at taxpayer expense, who release violent criminals on their own recognizance and who are otherwise soft on crime.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Jordan's performance on Nightline earlier this week was disgraceful.