Sunday, August 27, 2006


I was blogsurfing today and I came across a post about the new Survivor. Now, I'd heard from my husband the news-he said there was some hoo-rah about it but I didn't really understand so I didn't think about it again. Not until I read the post on (which I just found and absolutely love)Musings of Stressed Out Mom.

In case you aren't aware of it (and you care) there will be 4 teams instead of 2. The 4 teams will be separated by race. African American, White, Asian and Hispanic. and people are OUTRAGED! J is a lot smarter than me and he likes to hash out things he feels passionate about so I asked him, "Am I missing something? What's the big deal. They are not discrimating against any one race." His answer was that he didn't get it either.

I'll tell you. I'm much more concerned about the fact that Gene Simmons' sister-in-law brought a body piercer to his house while he andShannon were out of town to pierce the belly button of their 13 year old daughter. (see Gene Simmons' Famil Jewel review blog) Now that's a reason to be outraged.

But back to Survivor...if anyone can explain the hoo-rah to me, I'd be very appreciative.


Anonymous said...

The flip side of the Survivor "outrage" is that 75% of the slots are apparently going to minorities, so one would think that those who are whining would remain silent about the overinclusiveness or if anything thank the producers for it.

Ranting said...

I think that the big deal is that it singles out a particular race while they are all in their respective camps. I joked, when I heard about this survivor, (other ppl besides my hubby might find this joke "offensive") that the next season should star african americans, kkk, Jews, and the german nazis. I myself am a beleiver in Judaism.

I think it is just sad that the producers might not only want to show each races strengths but their weaknesses as well.

I am not "all torn up" over it, but it does strike me as rather odd. But, hey, anything for ratings,right? It is obviously working because lots of ppl are buzzing about it around the water cooler.

Anonymous said...

The Wall Street Journal has a column in today's paper about the Survivor segregation issue. See
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