Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Party's Over...

and I'm exhausted. I had such a busy weekend-what with the in-laws in town, my mom's birthday and 'the birthday party'. I was on my feet all day Friday making the cake and lasagna for my in-laws. They were both de-licious. I make a mean lasagna and I have just discovered I make mean birthday cake too with the help of Duncan Hines. I know, it was originally Betty Crocker but when I went to stir up the mix I realized I bought the wrong box. But take it from me, a yellow cake from a box is a yellow cake from a box. Although I do have to suggest going with the Moist Deluxe not the butter cake. The butter cake wasn't as moist as the Moist Deluxe, hence the name. The cake was adorable and a picture is on it's way tomorrow. My fingers were sore from squeezing all the icing dollops but it was well worth it.

Party:we made the mistake of not feeding W his 2pm feeding. He puts nothing in his mouth except for an occasional graham cracker so we thought if we didn't feed him he would be ready to eat all the cake making for a good photo op. (That sounds horrible, doesn't it?) Well really, he was all smiles and wasn't even ready for the bottle until the minute we put him in his high chair in front of the cake. That didn't go over too well. Then my mom picked him up thinking that would help, it didn't, and he didn't tolerate the party hat too well either.

After he drank his bottle I tried again. I dipped the candle in icing and he lapped it up, laughed and then willfully ate the cake. He loved it!

W was in surprisingly good spirits all afternoon except for the above mentionned rejecting of the cake.

The champagne was exactly what I needed and I think the perfect addition to a one year old birthday party.

I'm thinking of putting together a book especially for his 1 year party. I am not a scrapbooker. But I thought it would be cute to put his candle and invitation and pictures and what not in a separate book from his birthday. and have a book for each year? May be too ambitious. maybe I will stick with just this year.

That's all. I'm tired and going to bed.

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Nola Baby said...

Mom, thanks for throwing me such a fun party and making me such a great cake! I know you worked hard on the party planning, cake, etc., and everything was great.
Nola Baby