Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sorry! I didn't get to talk about Laguna Beach. We are on vacation and having a fabulously relaxing time, so I may be remiss in writing for the next few days.

Quick Laguna comment
Cammie is awful. I cannot stand her-so much so that it may deter me from watching-it would be one thing if her inner self were pretty-it's not-she has such an ugly personality. She thinks she's funny. She's not. How about the girls who were such bitches at the party. Who was ever that mean?

Growing up
I'm having dreams that he is full on talking. Like he said, "It's my first birthday" very clearly. His r's were a bit off but he was talking. He also said "Listen". Wierd.

W is the best baby. He was so good on the plane. It's funny though, from the moment we started to board until the end of the flight, every passenger, stewardess etc. acted like he didn't exist. Not like everyone has to coo at him and tell us how cute he is, but no one was making eye contact. I think it's the "if I look at him theory he will exist and will cry the whole way". I've been there. The only thing he did that was mildly annoying to another passenger was bang on our tray. Not even on the one behind the man. At first I was just glad to have him do anything that would distract him from the crampiness of the seats, and atleast he wasn't crying but the man looked back so we had to stop him in his glory. When we were getting off, that's when people starting raving about him, I guess since there was no chance of them being annoyed anymore.

So here we are. He's having a grand time. Exploring a new place. The weather's cool-really a non issue. It's not cold or hot. It just is. No pouring sweat getting him in and out of the car seat. It's awesome.

We are gradually switching him over. 5 ounces of formula to 3 ounces of milk. Doctor said we could quit formula cold turkey but that made me nervous since he was out of his element anyway. He seems to love it. We're drinking 2% here and even that tastes like cream to me-imagine WHOLE MILK. How could you not love it?

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