Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bachelor-The Women Tell All

I'm making this short. But I feel it's my obligation to atleast say something.

  1. Were you as shocked as we were that Lorenzo made a surprise appearance?
  2. Lisa-I know people think she's crazy but how many of you southern women who went to a southern college can actually say they never met a girl who didn't have a timeline? Of course, they were always really desperate but they exist and Lisa isn't the only one.
  3. The drunk-can't remember her name-I wish Chris would have talked to her more. I would have loved to hear what she had to say about her drunken stupor. I loved her. She was attractive, dressed well, she just drank a few too many and stayed in the hot sun a bit too long. I am sure she regrets her actions (all she did was get a tad bit loopy, okay, a lot loopy but probably is super glad that it got her kicked off so she didn't end up with "The Prince"
  4. Erica-you gotta luf her.
  5. Wanna bet he's going pick Sadie?

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