Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sweet and Scrappy

The Little Buddy is the sweetest guy I know. I worry sometimes that he will be a mama's boy-because I love on him so much and he loves me too. I mean, if I'm laying on the floor watching tv or doing crunches he sidles on over to me every so often for a kiss or a hug. When we go to playgroup or are playing with another friend, it takes him awhile to get used to things and other times another kid will grab something from him and he'll just walk away instead of fighting for it. It drives me CRAZY! But I'll tell you one thing, he's a sweet boy. He has definitely decided early on what matters to him. If it doesn't, he walks away, if it does, he fights until the bitter end. So he's sweet most of the time and scrappy when he needs to be. It's the implication of course with most mother's of boys that they are glad if their son is "bad". No one wants a wimp for a son. And I made the mistake of describing it as a a mama's boy one time and our friend , Ucnle Bob said, I'm a mama's boy. and you know what-he's thegreatest guy under the sun. Now that I think about it, J is just like W, really it's vice versa, W is just like J. He's sweet, and funny and dry witted and he walks away from a fight, unless there's a lot at stake in which case he stands up for himself and in what he believes and that's why I married him. He's not "bad" for the sake of being "bad". He's "bad" when it counts and sweet the rest of the time. That's why I love him and why I'm happy that the Little Buddy takes after his dad. Sweet and Scrappy. and if he's a mama's boy...I'm glad I'm his mama!

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