Monday, November 27, 2006

Beautiful Culinary Display

Dinner time. 6pm. W woke up from a late nap. My new goal is to put something health in front of him atleast once a day-besides yogurt or baby oatmeal. Whole Foods was OUT OF Guacamole last night. It seemed that everyone was stocking up their ice boxes after the Thanksgiving weekend and Guacamole was on their list. I was peeoed considering it's the only vegetable (it might be a fruit so let's just say green thing) that he will eat. So tonight I cut up avocado pieces-they were beautiful, really, perfectly green and ripe, took out some green beans (canned but atleast they were green beans) and a satsuma. I lined them up in a row, alternating the colors. The green and oranges perfectly complemented each other. He promptly moved the satsumas to the side of his tray and began eating them. AAAAHHHHH! I was able to slip in an avocado piece twice. After the 2nd piece he caught on and was done eating. DARN!

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