Friday, November 17, 2006

Middle Age Jackasses

Okay, so L called to see if we wanted to have coffee the other morning but the Little Buddy was sleeping so we couldn't go. She was having her house cleaned and didn't want to be around so she went to get her morning Joe anyway. She arrived at the coffee house and it was packed.

It's been super packed lately. It's aggravating, especially when you are carrying around a 22 pound lug. It's my coffee house and why aren't all of these people at work?

he gets in line with C and puts him down because he wants to get down.

He can walk now, I don't really want to be carried everywhere either.

He's playing and playing, happily, then he starts sauntering up to people who are leisurely drinking their morning coffee.

People who usually aren't in too goods of moods and obviously don't want to be bugged by a 22 pound lug

So trying to be the considerate person she is, she picks C up and continues to wait in line. This ticks him off.

He can walk and I wouldn't want to be carried around everywhere either, especially if I am having a good time.

He starts to fuss so she pulls out her makeup bag for him to play with.

If you have a baby you know they don't want a toy, they only want your stuff.

He gladly takes it, opens it, finds her lipstick, opens that and starts to eat it. She pulls it away from him. That ticks him off even more and at this point she's at the front of the line. He starts screaming crying, throwing a tantrum.

Remember, he's a baby, 14 months.

The coffee barista rolls her eyes and asks what she wants as the 2 middle age jackasses behind her..

as they roll their eyes and start talking about how annoying that is. L finally puts C down because she can't hold on to him in this state. He throws himself on the floor and continues with the behavior. she's totally embarrassed and trying to order her coffee but the Barista, who obviously doesn't have kids is making her feel like SHE'S the jackass. L asks if she can give her a minute while she deals with C and the Barista yells, "NEXT!" So she picks up C and tells her she's leaving because it's obviously his nap time.

Any mom knows what she's feeling like right at that moment. Like a total idiot, like people think she can't control her kid, and absolutely mortified. None of which is true and she shouldn't have to feel mortified because her baby is being just that, a baby, a normal 14 month old. And all she was trying to do was to get a cup of coffee and to be as considerate as possible.

So she goes to leave and one MAJ turns to the other MAJ (after L says, it's his nap time)and says, "Isn't that always the excuse for bad behavior".

That's the punchline and that's why I told the story.

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