Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The older generation

Mimo and Papa were the oldest parents out of my friends in high school. They're not ancient or anything but as you can imagine their understanding of computers is minimal. Now, Papa is an emailing wiz. He is an expert joke sender, believe me and he is way more advanced than Mimo. She doesn't even try. So he was amazed last night as I was explaining my blog to him. I mentionned it to him once before but I don't think he really "got it". Nothing wrong with that. It took me awhile before I understood blogs. I told him how to get to this blog but prefaced it by, "you will be hooked, once you venture into the world of blogs" I haven't yet talked to him today. He's probably blogging himself by now.

The Little Buddy is growing so quickly. I don't mention my blog much to people unless they ask but I thought it was such a good way for them to hear about their grandson. I am wary of posting too many pictures of him on the blog but atleast they can hear about what he does everyday.

Today, we went to have coffee. We have changed up our time a bit what with his new schedule and all and that's the only thing I don't like about it. the coffee house is PACKED. and he is getting to be such a lug that it's hard to hold him for 10 minutes while we are waiting in line. It's storming today and I have a feeling we will be going stir crazy all cooped up in house. Maybe we'll go outside and splash in the puddles.

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