Thursday, November 09, 2006

NOLA Kid Activities

I haven't been so good about keeping up with events and activities for kids. Please, if you know of anything fun going on around town for kids, or even just kid friendly events. I'm going to post a request each day for info. If you know of anything please comment and I will post them up on the sidebar for the week.

Oh, this just add to the list of kid friendly restaurants my friend, S, told me today that they bring their 7 month old to this restaurant a lot because they are living in the neighborhood while their flooded house is being renovated. She said it was loud, they have highchairs and they don't mind at all. You won't believe it. I was surprised. I really was. Because I have my issues with the place but J and I do like going there. The food is hit or miss but I love the atmosphere and the bar. I feel hip, key word, feel, when we go there. I try to sass up (that's not too possible these days because I don't fit in anything and getting bigger by the day) and I really always do enjoy myself, even when the waiters are snotty. Oh, the restaurant....Emeril's. It's true.

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