Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas Cards

Whew! I have finally decided on a photo and a design for our Christmas cards. I have decided I am one of those people that retailers do not like. It takes me forever to make a decision like that. I like to have everyone's opinion. So most of the people I am sending a card to have most likely seen it already. But I am happy with it. I ended up designing it myself. The photo was the easy part. We took so many photos of the Little Buddy in North Carolina, so we have the perfect one. It's going to take some time on my part but I am ordering the envelopes today from
Paper Source-great source for inexpensive papers, envelopes and card stocks in many colors, hence the name. I am not lining the envelopes-I've decided, while I love lined envelopes most people don't care, especially if it's the man opening the envelope. They just slit the top and never see the lining and that's another 30 minutes to add to my time.

Originally I was going to get them from either Tiny Prints or Basically Cards but I am feeling creative and I want a real picture, not a printed one. Don't get me wrong. It's nothing fancy by any means but it makes me happy.

So get crackin' people. The holidays are upon us and if it takes you as long to make a decision as me-you'll need the time-and that's already if you have your photo!

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