Friday, November 24, 2006

Nola Mom, Dad and Baby's Thanksgiving

It all started on Tuesday afternoon when we found out William had a 102.5 degree fever. On Wednesday, we thought it had gone down so I left the doctor's office without seeing the doctor. I knew it was chaotic in there and didn't want him to catch the croup or something else that he didn't have. That afternoon his temp was back up so we thought we would decide we-well to make a long story short we left for our family reunion early Thursday morning. His temp was down and he still seemed like his chipper self so over the hills and through the woods.....It's a 3 and half hour drive to Vicksburg and he slept for ohhhh, 15 minutes and then was peeoed he was couped up in the car and pretty much cried for the last hour. I was anxious and exhaused and going stir crazy by the time we arrived and was dreading the first 30 minutes of the party while he adapted to all the hoo-rah (my dad is one of 8 kids, one of which has 7 kids and then you have grandchildren and greatgrandchildren).

He was a TROOPER! and the life of the party. Could really have cared less if we were there or not. He toddled around, let the little dog lick his head, watched the big kids slide down the hill, and pretty much reigned over the entire house.

Around 2 we took him back to the hotel to take a nap-we were all exhausted-he was not having any of it. I don't blame him really. The crib was cheap and the mattress, well, wasn't a mattress and there we were sitting on the bed and he just didn't get why he couldn't play. So he stood up and screamed and cried and screamed some more. We took him out of the crib. He cried. We put him in our bed, he screamed. No nap. Now it was time for our favorite party of the day. Mimo was nervous. She should have been. If he were a pill, she knew it was her fault because she interrupted us in the midst of the screaming and wanted to take him. Thought we were being mean. She lucked out. Once again, he was an angel.

Then we headed back to the last party of the weekend. My cousin's daughter, I guess my second cousin, is a junior in college. She's gorgeous and hip and smart and loves babies. she was our savior. She played with him the whole time, except for the few minutes that her mom and Mimo had him. They taught him to scribble with a marks a lot on a dry erase board, decided he was left handed (which I think he is) and let him draw on his head with the brown marker, which would have been okay if he had brown hair, or any hair at all for that matter. But he doesn't. Then they wiped his head down with a Shout Wipe-that's good- and chalked it up to fun.

Anyway, I felt very mawmaw looking, have been for awhile. I have no hip clothes and still am not as skinny as a I want to be so when my young, hip and smart second cousin told me she liked my shoes (the same ones I almost returned for fear of them looking like I had on my mom's shoes (I bought them for comfort and my mom buys all shoes for comfort)) I was happy. John told me I was pathetic in the way I responded. It was just that I finally had a moment, a moment where I felt that I still had some style.

Finally at 8pm we brought W upstairs for bed. He was out as soon as he hit the cheap mattress but up again screaming when we went back in an hour later. He cried for 30 minutes and finally I did what I said I never, NEVER would do. (Never say never, cuz you always will) I put him in bed with us. He cried for another 45 minutes then finally went to sleep, until 3:30am when he saw us and was ready for fun and games. and that's how our day began. :)

We learned some lessons this holiday but had a great time overall. Papa got to show him off to his brothers and sisters. We got to enjoy 2 parties without having to worry about W but we didn't have to worry that he wasn't with us. and we learned what we always knew, that the Little Buddy sleeps better in his own bed.

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