Friday, November 17, 2006

Sweet sounds

By the end of the day W and I are both hungry and tired and W is definitely ready for a change of scenery, ready to see a face other than mine. and every night we wait, and when I see the headlights coming through the drawn blind, I get up, and head to the window and the Little Buddy knows that he's here, because he starts yelling, "Da Da Da Da Da". I pull up the blind and he hand plants up to the window and we see J getting out of the car. J can't hear him, "Da Da Da Da Da!!!". and then he knocks on the window and W knocks back until J disappears in between the driveway and the front door. Then we wait in anticipation until Da Da Da Da walks in. All whining stops, we forget how tired we are for a few minutes and we sing, "Daddy's home, Daddy's home...DADDY'S home doo doodleleedoo doodee doo doodee doo. It's probably the sweetest moment of the day. Then J and the Little Buddy head upstairs to change, J out of work clothes, W into pj's while I cook dinner. They come back down for a goodnight kiss and then J puts W to bed. I can hear them laughing-whoopin' it up almost. Sometimes (don't tell J) I turn on the monitor so I can hear the laughter from my boys more clearly, although it's loud enough to hear down the street without it. Imagine the pressure, when J had a work dinner last night and I had to put the Little Buddy to bed. He giggled... a bit. I tried my best to whoop it up. I've been known to be a big whoopin'itupper but I couldn't compare. Tonight, when I heard the belly laughing coming from upstairs, I realized how much I missed it, even after just one night.

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