Monday, November 27, 2006

Reality TV News Blog

We've started a new blog. Reality TV News Blog. I haven't posted much but there will be a lot coming up. Tonight is the Season Finale of The Bachelor. I wasn't going to have any wine tonight but then John reminded we had a big night ahead of us. The Bachelor just isn't the same without a cup of vino.

The Little Buddy is becoming the Big Buddy. He looked like a little boy today. His legs are long, they are thinning out, he's getting more hair (it's all relative) and his face looks older. He's a hoot to have around and he loves snuggling with me more than ever. In between playing he comes over and puts his head on the couch for me to rub. Too cute. He knows it too.

I don't know what to do about a Christmas tree. If we get one, I am worried he will pull it over. I will definitely have to scale back, not get such a huge one if we get it. But if there's a tree in the den he really won't have any other place to run around unrestrained except in our bedrooms. Just can't decide. Is it really bad to get a table top tree, or a rosemary tree?

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