Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here comes Santa Claus

I know, it's not even Thanksgiving but L and her husband went to Toys R Us last Saturday and said it was a mob scene which made me think of Christmas and what I could get the Little Buddy and buy it online. Her baby, C, loves Tickle Me Elmo . So that's what we're going to get him. He really doesn't need much else. He is perfectly happy running around with his wooden spoon and tupperware. Although in the afternoon (only in the afternoon, when I am tired and a little on edge) he makes a bee line for the pot and pan cabinet. He likes the pots too, but mainly the tops and begins banging away like he's the drummer for Kiss (his dad only wishes). I am going to a have to get a lock for that particular cabinet-it drives me nuts. Oh, and I also finally got gates for my stairs. We've had one too many close calls and it was getting harder and harder to have walkers over to my house because they like to climb the stairs.

But anyway, back to Christmas. Let me help get you in the spirit and tell you about W's favorite toys. If I can help someone become less overwhelmed than me when shopping for toys and save a bit of money... I will.

His favorites:
  • I bought this at Walmart the other day because C had it and he loved it. The Leapfrog Interactive Learn and Groove Musical Table. It sings songs, plays music, in English and Spanish. I took French from Pre-K to 12th and majored in it in college so I find it fascinating. I've learned my abc's in Spanish (I knew my numbers from my Electric company watching days)
  • Mimo and Papa bought this for his first bday. The Radio Flyer Classic Walker and he loves it. and he likes their Classic Trike too! which Uncle Bob and Aunt Liz gave him. Both of them are great but I do suggest it only for 12 months and up. He can't yet ride the trike but pulls it around the house and loves riding around the block in the walker.
  • My friend, Anne, buys the Musical Activity Walker for most baby showers. It is great. W started playing with it once he sat up and still loves it and a 3 year old came over and played with nothing else. It starts out flat and then pops up once they stand. We travel with it too because it folds down and is easy to take on a plane or car. So those are his favorites right now and have been for awhile. I'll keep you posted if something changes but they are well worth the investment.

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